Black images in Simple Image Gallery? Try this.

So, you’re building a site for your client and they’re asking you “Can you add a gallery, pretty please? We want to show some cool pictures.”

Okay, I can do that. One of the easiest ways to add a gallery to any Joomla article is Simple Image Gallery (what’s in a name, right?) by Joomlaworks. Enable the plugin, upload images to a folder, add a shortcode, and you’re done.

But sometimes, things don’t work as planned. If you’re also using Admintools on your website, and use the .htaccess maker, your images won’t show up; instead you’ll see black blocks where the images should be.

The reason for this is that Admintools is blocking access to these images. As it should, because it’s Admintools job to block direct access to folders where people shouldn’t be.

Fixing the problem

Fixing the problem isn’t that complicated and will only take you a few clicks.

  1. Open Admintools (Components > Admintools)

  2. Open the .htaccess maker

  3. Go to the “Exxeptions” part.

  4. In the box next to “Allow direct access, including php files, to these directories”, add the following:


After you added this line (re)create the .htaccess file. Try visiting the article again and refresh, and you’ll see that the images are now visible in your glorious, glorious gallery.

This post was sponsored by my employer, whose copy of Admintools Pro I had to borrow. Blogging is a hard life.

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