Story / Tip: Why a professional looking website can be important

Yesterday, I was approached by an “international” company that wanted to advertise on one of my blogs.  This strike me as odd, because that particular blog is very uninteresting.   Apparently, it took them a full day to find out that my two sites they were interested in weren’t “what they were looking for”.  How they didn’t see that the first time, before they approached me, was beyond me. 

I guess that part of the explanation is that they suck at what they do.  I checked their website, and  for a company that offers “Internet Services”, such as web design, their website is a joke.  They’re using a “free template” for a CMS.  Now, don’t get me wrong.  There’s nothing wrong with using “free templates.”. 

However, when you “sell” web design services, you shouldn’t have “free template by <insert name here>” on your website.  Twice.  In plain sight..  Not that this changed a thing; their template was so crappy that I frowned anyway. 

Is this me, ranting because they didn’t chose to advertise on my site?  Nah.  I don’t really care about advertising.   I try to avoid it as much as I can (Although I do have some Google Ads on two websites, and links to a sponsor on most of my blogs that aren’t on

To make this post “Joomla And More” Related, here’s a piece of advice for everyone.  If you’re planning on building a company site, keep in mind that your site is like a business card.   People’s opinion of your company can be strongly influenced by your web site.  If your website has an unprofessional look: they might think that your company is unprofessional by association. 

If you ever need some (free) advice regarding your company website, feel free to contact me, so you can avoid making an ass of yourself online. 

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