A word about Joomlabasics.info

It has come to our intention that a website, Joomlabasics.info, decided it’s a “cool” idea to copy entire articles of our (and other sites) and post them on their blog. Putting a link to the full article being the patch on a wooden leg.

There is a difference between sharing our articles and copying them. We are definitely cool with the former (thanks, Reddit / Twitter / Facebook users. And JoomlaReader, you’re cool in our books.) We do not, however, approve of copying parts or entire articles and posting them online, ever. If you have issues creating your own content, then that’s your problem, not ours. Don’t make us your problem, too. Yes, that means you, Joomlabasics.

You might try to play the “we are just sharing Joomla news” card, but there are ways to do that which won’t piss people off.

For good measure, here are a few posts we wrote:


Here are the wonderfull, original works Joomlabasics


We will deal with this problem in the next few days. We’re busy collecting the info we need for a take-down request – we know they’re hosted over at http://www.dizinc.com/ so that’s a start.

Sincerely yours,

An annoyed creator of original content.

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