A sneak peak to our Joomla! Guide

Some time ago, I announced a new project, “ToralkoDocs”. The cornerstone of ToralkoDocs will be the Joomla! Guide I’m writing, which will be available to all subscribers.

For the moment, you can sign up for the Founders Club. It gets you 545 days of access to the site for € 20 . This will allow you to download whatever I might publish during that time. Since the e-book isn’t ready yet, I keep telling people to see it as an “investment”. For only € 20 you’ll have a pretty big chance to download the documentation as an e-book. But there’s more.

After some testing, I think it’s more practical to focus on delivering the e-book in the PDF version than as Joomla! articles. A second option, which would require little effort, is offering the documentation as a HTML package. Subscribers can download this package and use it on their own site.

You can see a demo of this html package on the ToralkoDocs website.

A sneak peak? Why not.

I thought I’d share a preview sample of the book. You can download the first four “lessons” for free, by clicking this nifty link -> Toralkodocs’ Manager Guide to Joomla!

It’s not much but it should give you an idea of the setup and the approach of the documentation. Consider it to be an… appetiser. If you want more, you’ll know where to find it!

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