A new project: Joomla book

I’ve always been a “writer”.  Not in the strict money-making sense of the word, obviously.  But I do like to write alot.  That’s why I picked up on blogging again.  And, if I look at my visitor stats for the past two months, it seems like I’ve found the subject that I can write about while getting at least some feedback.  Joomla, Open Source in general and other computer-related items seem to be doing well.

I’ve decided to use that knowledge to start on a new project. (Or, technically an old one I never got around to).    When I started working with Joomla, about two years ago, I knew literally nothing about it.  My only source of information was a book on Joomla 1.0.x.  Looking back, that book was pretty much… crap.  I ignored mostly everything in that book, and started to experiment on my own; and started to read stuff here and there on the internet.  Today, I know my way in Joomla (still far from a Joomla expert, I still look for the easiest way to do anything) , and I believe that it’s my turn to give something back to the community.

That’s why I’m planning on writing a Joomla Guide (or a series of guides, it depends on the inspiration).  It’ll be a long process, and I’m not quite certain on how I want to do things.  One part of me screams “POST IT ON YOUR BLOG”, which would make perfect sense.  The other part of me tells me to create some sort of book; which I then distribute trough my website.   I’m not sure on the payment system, either.  Making it free would be the “open source” way of working.  But I’ve got to put my time and knowledge in that book – and I’ll probably do some writing on the job.  So, a financial compensation of sorts would come in handy.  But I don’t know if my work is “money-worthy”.

So, nothing is set in stone yet.  For now, remember that I’m working on a Joomla book.  Oh, and I finished the first page.  For now.

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