We’ve launched a Youtube Channel.

Hey everyone,

Here at Joomla & More we are trying to bring you interesting, fun articles or educational articles in the written form.  We love writing, and we believe that writing as a media channel has staying power.

However, it hasn’t escaped our attention that more and more content is moving to Youtube (or another video provider of your choice). We aren’t planning to stop writing any time soon, but realize that there is some content that’s better off in the shape of a video.

Tutorials, for example, are easier to follow in a Youtube video than they are in a n article. Showing off a gadget is also more practical if you can show how it actually works. And of course, if you’re talking about software and you can show users how it works instead of talking about it, of course that’s going to present an added value.

That’s why we are dipping our toes in the creation of videos. We’ve still got a lot to learn. For example, Steven still refuses to listen to any audio that features his voice. Which is ‘All of the audio made, ever). Editing video is a bit more time consuming than editing your text (kidding, we don’t edit our posts), and there’s so many things we could or should learn.

But, you’ve got to start somewhere. That’s why you can find a link to our Youtube Channel under “Social”, and “Videos” links you directly to our Youtube Channel.

We hope you’ll be seeing use there.

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