VMWare drama, the follow up

Yester day after noon, all problems were fixed.  The server purred like a satisfied kitten again, and all virtual machines that were company-critical (I use this term loosely here) were started.

Because I had to work this afternoon – placing a server at a customer’s office so we can configure it later on and migrate their files ans settings etc. etc. I left work at lunch break yesterday.  It was 3 PM when I got a call… the VM of one of the students refused to start.  So I tried and fix that without heading back to the office.  I didn’ really have high hopes of that working out well, and I was right.  My internet connection at home is slow as hell – working wirelessly w/ a mediocre reception guarantees bad performance when working on our servers remotely – but that wasn’t the biggest problem.  When I started up the virtual machine, it was impossible for me to log in.  I tried everything, but I’ve got no clue what happened with that vm.  Ok, I do.  The keyboard settings were a mess, and I couldn’t enter the proper credentials for that machine.  I’ve never seen anything like it.  I’m from Belgium, and if I’ve got a keyboard problem it’s usually an azerty / qwerty problem.  Because of this I’ve got a fairly well idea of what keys to use. But this time I had no clue

To get numbers to appear, I had to hold shift and push the numbers on my numpad.  shift + the numbers on the top row of the keyboard didn’t work; only the symbols came out as a result.  Symbols that aren’t linked to these keys, not in azerty OR qwerty settings.  Also, there was no way to make an  @.  asci codes to create an @ didn’t work.  Which was pretty much predictable because of the hard time I had to actually get 64 show on the screen.

Well, it was a mess and I’m wondering what the hell went wrong…