Use Advanced Module Manager to manage modules on mobile

When you are building a responsive site, you might encounter the problem i just ran into today. You’ve got these modules, that are a MUST for the “full” version of the website, but they just clutter your site on mobile devices. How can you solve that problem?

The easiest way is to disable them using Advanced Module Manager. The Pro version allows you to manage modules based on the client’s browser, and allows you to target mobile browsers.

So when you want to hide a module on your “mobile” version, it’s fairly simple.

  1. Open the module.
  2. Go to assignments.
  3. Scroll down until you reach the “Browsers” section.
Select Exclude and choose all mobile browsers
Select Exclude and choose all mobile browsers
  1. Choose “Exclude” and pick the mobile browsers you want to target, or all.
  2. Save

When you open your site again in a mobile browser, the module will not be loaded – making your responsive site that little bit neater and faster.

You can buy Nonumbers’ Advanced Module Manager from their site

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