It’s time for a new update, since the last one was ages ago.  What’s there to report?  Well, there’s some good news and even better news.  The domain name has been secured for another 5 years, and our hosting will remain free for quite a while.  This gives us the chance to focus on other, more important topics:  Updating the website content.

After starting Toralko.info; another site of mine, started to pick up a lot of traffic.  So, logic dictated that I invested my time in the website that had the most success.  That other website, which you can find at www.joomla-and-more.com is actually my old blog which has been adapted to suit my audience’s taste.

Unfortunately, that sites’ succes lead to me neglecting other sites, like Toralko.  To fix this problem; I’m going to "mirror" my posts on Joomla-and-more on this site once again, like I used to do back in the days. This should make the site interesting once again; and hopefully it’ll create some audience for Toralko.info.

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