Update on Joomla & More and future content

Hello everyone,

I wanted to give everyone a heads up about a future that’ll take place on this website effective immediately. I have decided to break up Joomla & More into two pieces moving forward. To explain things by using, let’s say, the brand name of this blog, I’m separating the “Joomla” from the “More”.

Moving forward, all Joomla Content will still continue to be posted on this blog. All of the content that falls under one of the many other categories will no longer be published here, but on another website: From App To Zip.

This decision hasn’t been made lightly. In fact, it has been years in the making. The restrictions of this platform make it hard to do everything that I want to do with a website, when it comes to branding, monetization and other things that I want to do but which aren’t possible on the WordPress.com platform.

The old content which people have enjoyed during the years will stay on this blog. The new content will only focus on Joomla and closely related topics, such as services and tools that work together with the popular Joomla CMS.

This doesn’t have to be a bad thing. One thing I wanted to do but never got to, was create a Joomla “niche blog” which could excel at one thing; offering people the best Joomla content on the web. While I make no promises on the amount of content that you can expect to actually be published here (or on JandMore TV) in the future, it’ll be interesting to see where this goes and the decisions make today might actually be a boost to the Joomla content instead of the original plans. I won’t spare you the details, but axing Joomla and More and leaving Joomla for what it is has been a consideration today. But perhaps we just need to try harder to tap that Joomla market of helping people to use what is still an excellent CMS.

TL;DR The content is getting a divorce Joomla content is staying. All other content is moving to From App To Zip.

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