Ubuntu 9.0.4 How to install the “Network tool”

Today, I was upgrading the Ubuntu Virtual machines we’re using as development environments for our web activies when something came up.  I had just cloned a VM and wanted to change the computer name when I couldn’t find the GUI tool I had always used.

Of course, I could have used the command line to achieve the same but I was determined to “fix” the GUI – apparently it’s a common thing for people with AS to focus on one solution, “their” solution, before using alternatives.  After finding the same solutions over and over again in Google’s search results – the command line version, and a “gui version” which didn’t work because the option wasn’t there (I wouldn’t have been looking for a solution if it was) – I found the fix. 

A user, named glass.dimly replied to another user commenting on a post on ubuntumanual.org (Did I loose you with that sentence? I bet I did), pointed out that the option had been removed in Ubuntu 8.0.10 and all it’s successors, but he was kind enough to provide the fix, which is the following:

[update on 10/07/2009:  I’d like to apologize for posting the wrong command.  This is the right one]

sudo apt-get install gnome-network-admin

Why yes, that’s a command line command. How clever of you…

This installed the missing part and fixed the problem, allowing me to rename the VM.  Oh, Ubuntu, you old rascal! 


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