Two ‘NoNumber’ Tutorials published on Toralko

Just because we haven’t posted something here at Joomla & More doesn’t mean that we’ve slacked!  In the past week, I’ve written and published two tutorials for Nonumber extensions:

  • Nonumber Extension Manager: Covers how to use this very important extension.  It allows you to install and update all other Nonumber extensions so this is the first extension any Nonumber fan will want to install.
  • Nonumber What? Nothing! (The Ultimate Guide): This guide reveals the secrets of What? Nothing. Not sure what it’s supposed to do? Not working as expected? Then read our extensive and detailed guide!.

In the past we used to publish our guides as PDF’s, but from now on we’ll likely post them online at Joomla & More will still be the place to go for Joomla! tips, fixes and suggestions.


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