Thanks, Joomla! Community!

Okay, yesterday’s post was a rant and I promised not to post those anymore.  And I’ve got to admit that I was hesitating to put it online.  After thinking for a long time (at least 15 seconds) I decided to put my rant online anyway.  To get things off my chest. 

Well, I guess it’s time to finish the story.  Shortly after my rant, I was contacted by one of the Joomla!  teams I had applied for.  They said that they’d love to have me on their team, and suggested that I’d get acquinted with their guidelines and ‘take it easy’ to learn the ropes.   I’m not going to lie:  I was pretty excited when I got contacted.  Don’t know if they read my blog post of yesterday (although I fear that they did), but… I’m glad they found a place for me in their team. 

Looks like I’ll be contributing to the Joomla!  project after all.  I think that everyone can learn a lesson from this.  No, not “If things don’t go your way, complain about it online”.  But if you want to be a part of the Joomla! project, you’ve got to go “out there”.  Be heard.  Don’t be afraid to ask for advice, ask people for directions.  Joomla!  is a huge project, and there’s a place for everyone out there.  The Project is constantly in need of coders, testers, translators, or just people who “promote” using Joomla!   If you love Joomla!, there’s bound to be a way you can play a role. 

There’s room out there for everyone.  If you want to be pointed into the right direction, but don’t know where to start, contact us.  I’ll try and point you into the right direction; guide you on the path of Joomla! just like others did with me.

Note:  Last week the posts have been less than helpful.  I promise to behave from now on. 

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