Thanks, Here Maps!

I’m not the type of person to thank apps often. In fact, I dont’ think I’ve ever given an app a real compliment, other than a “huh, that’s cool I guess”.

Two days ago, however, I was lost in the middle of Germany. Or Luxembourg. Depending on what side of the river we were on. It’s sort of a blur.

We were following a hiking trail when all signs suddenly decided to dissapear on us, leaving us with only two options: Hiking all the way back, or trying to find the way to our car by ourselves.

Since we didn’t want to cross the mountain we came over again we took a risk, and used Here Maps (an app by Nokia, if you’re wondering) to guide us back to the car. It did a good job plotting a route which was relatively safe, and got us in the village where we parked our car (from where we still had to find out actual parking spot, which turned out to be another 30 – 45 minutes away from the village center).

Thanks, Here Maps for being there. I’d have been lost without you. No, literally. I mean it. If I may complain about one thing, though: DO NOT CALCULATE THE DISTANCE BASED ON A DIRECT LINE THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

This was your daily / weekly / highly irregular “Steven is on vacation and will occasionaly post something somewhat tech related” update. See you soon-ish.

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