Test your site against click-jacking with Clickjacker.io

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We have been talking about clickjacking a lot lately, and even made a few videos about it. I guess that’s just what happens when you manage to actually exploit something instead of saying “Tup, that sounds bad” when studying the evil, evil things people can do online.

If you want to test your own website(s) against clickjacking and your coding skills are minimal (or even non-existant), have we got a tool for you. No, it’s not our own solution to test clickjacking but a tool that gives even more detailed results: Clickjacker.io

Using Clickjacker.io is really simple. Just provide the URL of the website you want to test and click “test”.

You will then get the results, which is split in two parts: the technical explanation of what’s wrong with your sites that makes clickjacking a possibility and a preview of your website, provind that your website can indeed be clickjacked by yourself, and as a consequence by everyone that wants to target your website.

Curious to find out if your website is vulnerable to this type of attack? Head on over to Clickjacker.io, which was created by Saurabh Banawar, and see for yourself. Just don’t get too excited and think you’re a hacker now, okay?

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