Review: Checklist (Joomla Component)

Our checklist about writing blog posts, as seen on
Our checklist about writing blog posts, as seen on

What better way to tackle a project step-by-step than by using a checklist? Joomplace realized this, too, and they decided to fill the void by creating “Checklists”, a component which allows you to create and check checklists for Joomla.

Practical use

The Checklists component by Joomplace allows you to create checklists in an easy to use interface. Each checklist is made up of multiple steps, and you can set a hint for each othe steps.

Once the checklist is created, you can publish the checklist on the website. A checklist can be visited on it’s own, or can be part of an article. Using the plugin and button, it’s very easy to implement a checklist into the article.

Now, I can hear you think “I can just write a checklist and that’s that.” It’s true that you could do that, but the Checklist component created actual checklists, where you can check off steps you’ve completed. This makes it easier to follow the steps that the author has outlined for you. A possible use for this component is to embed it into your documentation, allowing your user to check off each step when he has completed it.

Checklists for everyone

The professional version of Checklist takes things one step further. It allows registered users to create and share their own checklists. This is ideal when you want to create a “knowledge community”, of sorts. Admins can moderate checklists before publishing them (although we couldn’t get this feature working), which allows for some content moderation.

Rough around the edges

The Checklists component has got potential, but is a bit rough around the edges. We noticed the occasional glitch while using the component, which could be resolved by reloading the page. But ignoring these small problems, the component does what it says on the box – it allows you to create, share and publish checklists (and allows you to let others )

Checklist is available for Joomla 3.x, and you can check a demo here.

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