Preparing for Cebit 2010

Tomorrow, I’ll be heading to Hannover, to attend Cebit 2010.  Any IT vendor that matters – and many that want to matter – will be there.  I’ve been invited to tag along with a party of fellow journalists / bloggers of Computertaal.

While Cebit really isn’t my thing – it’s more a “business” convention than a real IT convention, imho – it’ll be an interesting day.  Because of budget restrictions (some of us are cheapo’s) we’ll be driving to Hannover.  Which means that I’ll have to get up at 4 am; to make a 5 hour drive to Hannover, Germany.  Luckily I’ll be carpooling with those very same bloggers / journalists that invited me and managed to arrange a free ticket; so I’ll be able to get some sleep!

I’ve already “prepared” for the field trip.  Clothes are ready (at 4 am, my sense for what’s “decent clothes” is around zero); my iPod is charged, my photo camera is ready to go (although I doubt that Ill be taking many pictures) ; I’ve got a notebook and a few dozen of pens; a magazine to read and a book (“Empire”, by Scott Orson Card).   That SHOULD help me get through the boring drive to Hannover and back.

Expect a “report” on Hannover on Friday, as It’ll be too late to post anything on Cebit when I get back tomorrow night!

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