to close ?

According to the CLT Meeting Notes for September, plans have been made to shut down   The “Social Platform” which was supposed to bring together Joomla! Users of all nations and sizes closing would have been huge news, if it weren’t for the following fact:

The majority of people simply didn’t care about  Of course, this isn’t a big surprise. Most developers, designers or integrators we know are already active at Google+ , Facebook and of course Twitter.

I never cared much for this Social Platform myself. It didn’t feel very inviting. Rules like “Extension Developers aren’t supposed to advertised” hardly made sense if people were supposed to create groups around extensions and extension developers.  And I couldn’t help but feel that the “rules” of the place were a bit too strict, in general.

Of course, CLT already gave up on the place some time ago. Login problems have haunted the place for several weeks, and were never fixed. 

What makes me grin, is that CLT is now closing down their “hangout” for developers etc. yet at the same time, are annoyed when people use other sorts of social media to communicate – and not always positively. But that’s just me. 😉

We’re sad to see you go, JPeople. But at least we can still go to ;-D

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