Official statement regarding Joomlabasics’s claim “we hacked them”

Today, we received an e-mail from the owner of in which he claimed that we are “responsible for hacking his website.”

This false accusation was part of an e-mail in which the angry site owner tried to “lecture” us because we complained in the past, about his website displaying full articles from our blog.

First of all, we’d like to state that we at Joomla & More in general don’t like the idea of our RSS feed being scraped by any site. We make an exception if reputable sites, like JoomlaReader, use our RSS feed to post links. What Joomlabasics was doing (posting parts of the content, and using identical URL’s), while not “illegal”, isn’t something we’re fond of. But we accepted a long tme ago that we made a “mistake” with our RSS feed, and acted accordingly. 

Which brings us to the “full blown illegal” part of the mail we received: the claim we hacked their site.

In all honesty, we forgot about the JoomlaBasics website shortly after we sent a DMCA notice to Google for the problematic links (after which we “fixed” our RSS feed). We certainly did not see them as a “threat” or a “competitor”. We didn’t even care whether they used our RSS feed after we fixed the issue.

To claim we would go as far as hacking a website is both ridiculous and libelous. While that claim was made in an e-mail  thought I would address this accusation publicly, as the idea itself is rather offensive. I believe (hope) that we’ve built a good enough reputation in the Joomla community, that people will just laugh at the very idea.  But of course, the owner of JoomlaBasics can believe whatever he wants. If he thinks Joomla & More is an evil corporation trying to “take down the little guys”, that’s his right. I am looking forward to the novel and movie (if enough royalties are paid to me, of course. That’s how evil corporations operate.)

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