Newsletter Privacy Policy

Joomla & More is a non-commercial project by Steven Zeegers. However, we are complying with the European GDPR laws to protect your data. That’s why we are informing you about the way we are using your data in regard to our newsletter.

Who we are

  • Steven Zeegers: the writer of this blog (referred to as “We”)
  • Mailchimp: the company we are using to store your data, and send newsletters

What we do

We  (the authors of this blog) offer you the option to sign up for our newsletter. If you sign up, we will register your e-mail address, (nick)name and the IP address you were using at the time of registering. This data is then collected and stored by Mailchimp in order to create our mailing list.

Your personal information will be used to send you our newsletter. Mailchimp also tracks whether you click the link(s) in our e-mail, so that we can improve our offering.

We will only be sending you e-mails that are related to our content. This can include offers for interesting products or services that might interest you, which are related to the topics covered on this blog.

Your name is used so we can identify you and for personalisation of your e-mails. You are free to use an online handle or a nickname instead of your real name.

What we don’t do

  • We don’t use your data for any kind of commercial activity.
  • We don’t sell, share or give away your data to any individual or business other than Mailchimp.
  • We don’t transfer your data to other mailing lists, companies or brands to send you e-mails which you didn’t sign up for.