MyJoomla now scans robots.txt in response to Google Search Console mails

Yesterday, we reported that Google has been sending out warning mails for all our Joomla sites, stating that it’s crawler can’t access CSS and JS files it wants to acces. Google wants to make sure your website is Mobile friendly, but the default robots.txt file blocks access to the folders containing those files.

Soon after our report, the people of MyJoomla added a new feature to their auditing tool. MyJoomla will now scan your robots.txt file and check if your folders are accessible. If not, you will get a warning.

MyJoomla also explains in detail what steps you can take to fix the problem. Their explanation, and the explanation of the possible risks involved, is more detailed than we could give. So, we recommend running a new audit of your Joomla site as soon as possible.

Not using MyJoomla yet? A subscription for one site costs £5 a month, and comes with unlimited audits, the option to automate back-ups in Joomla, and tools to monitor your site.

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