Moodle Quiz feedback in the wrong language?

Moodle is a very versatile yet complex beast. Unfortunately the many options and settings can be a little confusing and their manuals aren’t always as simple to read. So sometimes, the solution to a problem might go un answered.

One of these problems might be that you have a multi-language Moodle installation, but notice that the feedback for some of the questions seems to display the wrong language, as you can see in the example below.

In the screenshot above, you can see that our Moodle is set to English. The questions itself are written in a different language (Dutch) because that’s the language they were written in. But what is the deal with that first line of the feedback that is in Dutch, while your feedback is mostly correct for other questions?

The reason behind this is because of how multiple choice questions work in Moodle. What you are seeing is something called “Combined feedback”. When creating multiple choice questions of course you will be adding the answers and perhaps also the feedback.

The “Combined feedback” can easily be glossed over, but can be found right below the questions. The tricky part is that this combined feedback is automatically created for you. This feedback is meant to be used when multiple answers can be right / wrong but will be used by Moodle even if just one question is the right answer.

The issue with the “Combined feedback” is that it is automatically populated based on the language you are using in Moodle when creating the question. So if you’re creating, for example, a French set of questions but your Moodle is set to French, this combined feedback will be populated with the English replies.

If you notice that your feedback for multiple-choice questions is acting out in your multilanguage Moodle, take a look at the Combined feedback in your question(s). The answer might be as simple as translating it to the language of your choice for each question.

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