Mailgun pricing changed, but where’s the announcement?

Not an actual image of me sleuthing

In case you are not familiar with Mailgun, it’s a service to send e-mails with an easy to use API. It’s mostly used for transactional mails and a great tool for developers to use.

When I woke up this morning, my first thought was “I have to check Mailgun’s pricing”. I’m not even lying. When I wake up there’s always this idea that pops into my mind and goes “Yo, pay attention to me.” This time it was transactional mails and their price, because I was thinking about API’s. That’s the benefit of wearing the same clothes a few days in a road – you can think of nerd stuff first thing after waking up.

So I head over to the Mailgun website and check on their pricing page and I notice a lack of a free option on there. Which is cool, most companies have hidden that somewhere else but it’s whatever. After I check my invoices I head back to the pricing page and start to wonder when and if their pricing changed, because I distinctly remember different pricing plans. Yes, I also have a weird memory on top of weird life habits.

I start doing some sleuthing and I end up finding a blog post written on the 10th of January, 2020, which can be found here:

If it weren’t for Good Old Google, I would have found no information about this pricing update, because it seems like someone at Mailgun did not want people to know about this change, based on the amount of evidence on…

Their own blog

Mailgun announced their price change on their blog. However, if you’d visit their blog right now it’s nowhere to be found.

  • It’s missing from the front page, where you’d expect it to show up
  • It’s also missing from the category it’s been posted in
  • When you browse to the associated tag “Product Update”… Guess what, you can’t find it anywhere!

Is that all? Well, no. But also, no.


I decided to check my mails to see if I’d gotten a mail regarding the annoucenement. First, I wasted five minutes checking the wrong mailbox. Once I figured out I signed up with another address I couldn’t find a trace of a mail mentioning any pricing changes.

It’s funny, because you’d imagine that a website that specializes in sending mails would use e-mail to communicate a price change.

Social Media?

Nothing on Social Media either! Their Twitter account doesn’t mention any price changes, and neither does their Facebook page. I would have posted screenshots, but they’d be screenshots where you *wouldn’t* see a message of them announcing their pricing change so what would be the point, honestly?


Mailgun decided their pricing and the only remaining trace is an announcement on their blog. A blog post you can only find when you use our good old friend Google. Who does that sort of thing? I know I do.

It’s a little weird that the pricing change is practically buried, because from what I can see the pricing change would turn out positive for a lot of companies. It would become affordable for most people and offer better features. That sounds like the sort of thing you want to publicly post about.

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