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One of the reasons I like is that it allows us to focus on writing posts; while WP provides us with the tools to make this blog better and better.

The latest addition are ‘social bookmark‘ buttons.  We’ve seized the opportunity to add them to our blog.  Now, you can ‘share’ each and every one of our articles with the world.
That way, you help us help others.  And, technically, by helping us help others you’re helping people too!

How can you help?  It’s really simple!  Below each post there are a few buttons you can click, to ‘share’ an article with your favorite sites.

Like an article? Share it!

You can submit the article to StumbleUpon, Digg, or Reddit.  You can also Tweet an article or post a link on your Facebook Account.  If you’re a user, you can ‘Press It’.
If you prefer the old school way of sharing something, that’s cool.  Click the +Share button and you can e-mail the article!

Help us help others.  Start clicking those buttons 😉

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