Joomla & More II coming sooner than you’d expect

If you’ve been following some of the non-helpfull posts on this blog lately, you’ll know that a while ago I swore I wouldn’t be migrating Joomla & More to the CMS we keep on talking about – Joomla!.

Well, it’s time to break that promise.  The past two weeks, I’ve been revisiting the possibility to create a “new, improved” Joomla & More – and it’s going to happen.

Why I changed my mind

Mostly, because when I said I didn’t want to migrate Joomla & More I didn’t meant it.  Doing this has been on my to do list for a few months.  The rant about the community, which I thought to be in a poor state, didn’t change that.

Another reason is that, while I still like WordPress, I think it’s time to show Joomla! some love.  An experiment with another site of mine learned me that it doesn’t have to be hard to blog in Joomla!, if you’re using the right tools.

Third of all, I’ve been given an unique opportunity.  One of the “problems” for migrating Joomla & More was that I wasn’t looking forward to buying hosting.  But that problem has been taken care of.  As you might now, I work for a Belgium company that’s specialized in Joomla sites for the SME market.  Our hosting company started to question why I wasn’t hosting my site on their servers.

Good question.  Why wasn’t I?  Because of the price card.  I was already hosting two websites ( and and didn’t felt like spending even more money on hosting.  That’s where our hosting company got involved.  They offered me to sponsor the hosting, as part of the Premium Partnership deal we’ve signed with them.

And fourth of all:  I like to build sites in my own time, when I’ve got a “goal”.  Building a new version of this site is a goal I’m more than happy to pursue

The future?

What does this mean for Joomla & More?  It means that I’ll be shifting my priorities from Joomla & More to the new project. As much as I enjoy the “succes” of Joomla & More, I wanted to do “more”.  And those things just aren’t possible with this blog.  I want to build forums!  Add download sections for documents!  I want to be able to change things how I want them!

I’ll be doing all of those things on my new site.  I *won’t* be porting Joomla & More to Joomla!.  That would be too much for me to handle, so I’m going to start a brand new site.  The name of the project is still a secret (although I accidentaly tweeted the name, before buying the domain name, even). But it’ll be a ‘cool’ name and it’ll reflect what I’ve been doing the past few weeks.

What happens to Joomla & More?

It will stay online, so everyone who stumbles on this blog will still be able to read all the articles that are of interest of them.  You might even see me update this blog from time to time – especially in the “More” department.  Maybe I’ll even write a Joomla! article occasionally, so this blog doesn’t “die”.  It’s too valuable for me to let that happen.

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