Joomla 3.5’s biggest feature? PHP7 support

Joomla is currently beta testing version 3.5 of the popular Open Source CMS. This version doesn’t have much exciting in store for end users in terms of features or functionality. However, it will be the first version to support PHP7, the latest and greatest version of PHP that is supported by most hosting companies. If yours doesn’t, it might be time for a change, because PHP 5.6 is now nearly end of life. What’s that, they don’t support PHP 5.6? Burn their servers, grab your sites and go somewhere else. Might we suggest Siteground, for example?

The upgrade to PHP7 means that users of Joomla 3.5 can enjoy the benefits of a supported, and lightning fast version of PHP. Until now, Joomla didn’t support PHP7. No, really. If you want to see your site dissapear into nowhere, turn on PHP7 for your website and see what the result is. Beautiful 500-errors.

So, gentlemen, be prepared. There appear to be no big “issues” with upgrading to 3.5 – Joomla might be many things but at least they’re trying to keep their promise in that regard – so upgrading should be easy, fast and a no-brainer when the time arrives. Until then, you can download the Beta of Joomla 3.5 and experiment with it yourself. As usual, we suggest not to use a beta for your life site (unless it’s developed by Akeeba) unless you like playing with fire.

PHP 7 support for Joomla? Yes, we can!

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