Joomla 3.4 arrived and it brings gifts

Joomla 3.4 has arrived in town, and it’s got a few new features which are interesting for your average site builder and pro’s alike.

The addition we like the most, is the feature that allows you to edit modules on the front end. Gone are the days where you need to play the guessing game on a module heavy site, to figure out which module you want to edit. No longer do you need to switch to the front page to see the results – you simply have to click save. This awesome new feature makes Joomla even easier to use for people who aren’t big fans of backends.

Joomla 3.4, which is only a click of a button away, also offers some other nice features. Com_ weblinks is no more,  heralding the migration to a leaner core which we’ve been rooting for for ages. Recaptcha also got an update – suck on it, spammers – and with the addition of UploadShield you’re offered protection to malicious uploads.

But what are you waiting for? You should’ve updated three days ago, when Joomla 3.4 came out!

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