Jomres 9 announced: updates, new pricing model

Jomres, the popular Joomla component for renting (hotel) rooms and vacation homes released version 9 today. The feature-rich  applications’ latest release brings updates to existing modules, and a complete overhaul of the Commissions and Subscriptions modules. Among other features, there’s also better support for payment gateways, so users of the software no longer have to rely solely on Paypal.

New Price Tier

The other news from the Jomres people is a change in their pricing policy. That usually means bad news, but not this time. Jomres studied it’s support tickets and thinks that a decline in requests, and the quality of their documentation creates a platform for a “No Support” tier. While this new tier offers no support, it does offer a sharp decrease in price: the tier costs £99 for the Joomla version of Jomres 9 and £109 for the stand-alone version (you can install Jomres 9 as a stand-alone application if you’re not into Joomla).

You can see a demo of Jomres here..

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