J&More is now PowerUser Guide

Hey y’all,

We know that most of our visitors are casuals who visit us once, find a great solution to a problem and then never return. Which is fine. We get it. We don’t like it, but we understand.

However, if you are a returning visitor or someone who has been following this website in the past few years we’ve got some news for you: We’re rebranding ourselves. And it’s about time, too.

Eleven years ago, the name we chose for this website was more or less fine. Or so I told myself. I bought the domain name joomla-and-more.com because I was ridiculously excited about Joomla and wanted to talk about other things, too. Looking back, it’s still a horrible name. And the name became “worse” as time passed and this blog was less and less about Joomla and covered other topics more intensively.

We have been playing with the idea of rebranding Joomla & More frequently over the year. We bought the domain names, we did the thinking and in some cases we even built the website. All that was left to do, is take down Joomla & More… and we never did.

Because, at the end of the day, it was far too convenient to have a blog where my sole responsibility was to pay the bills. It’s not that I’m lazy. I just really don’t want to do work that I don’t have to do.

Fast forward to last week, where I got a mysterious mail from the Corporate Overlords at OSM. Apparently, the Document Drones over there have misplaced some documentation because my website doesn’t show up in their approved lists anymore. This was the wake-up call I needed to finally do something about this awful domain name.

We’re now PowerUserGuide

I have taken a long, hard look at all of the properties I owned and found PowerUserGuide. It was supposed to be the spiritual successor of Joomla & More when I registered it. We even had a site with two articles “ready”. But nothing much ever happened with it, because Joomla & More existed – also, a very long period where I didn’t really feel like creating content happened – and because updating multiple blogs was too much for me to handle.

Today, however, I pulled the trigger. I’ve changed the name for Joomla & More and have renamed all Social Media assets (to the extent it’s possible, Facebook is being a dick) to PowerUserGuide properties.

Insert something about a bright new future here, but the truth is I’m just relieved I made the name change. We’ll see what happens with PowerUserGuide, but at least I won’t have to explain “Joomla & More” to myself every time I read it: “No, see, it makes sense, because I’ll definitely write Joomla articles at some point, and the More section speaks for itself. “

No more. From now on we’re PowerUserGuide, and we’re helping (advanced) tech users kick technology’s ass.

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