JandMore Reddit Teacher Exchange Donation Drive

Teachers worldwide play a vital role in the development of children. They teach them important academical skills which are essential in College or while on the job. They teach children life lessons, form a crucial part of their support system and they’re an authority figure children look up to.

And yet, despite their important job, teachers are often confronted with a funding problem, because of which many teachers in the U.S and other countries have to pay hundreds of dollars out of their own pocket for teaching supplies – on a teachers’ salary.

Joomla & More tries to do something about that. That’s why we participate in the Reddit Teacher Exchange. In this exchange, participants are paired with a teacher to which they can donate equipment and supplies.


Like last year, Joomla & More will be participating in this exchange. This year, we want to give you the opportunity to help us help those teachers. So, for the next two months we’ll be fundraising, using the method we know best: by creating kick-ass posts about Joomla and technology. You can support the teachers, by sponsoring our content in July and August.

We’re still working out the details), but as of now these are the sponsorship pricing (and very modest rewards).

  • $15 – ???: Sponsor a regular Joomla & More post. You’ll be mentioned as a  sponsor in the article, and you’ll be added to the Sponsor Page we’ll be setting up – and in the report we’ll publish after the Exchange takes place.
  • $30 – ??? Buy a review of one of your products, or a post about your Joomla website… on Joomla & More. Get mentioned as a Gold Sponsor on the Sponsor Page and the report. Mentioning your company name in the post is optional – we understand not everyone feels comfortable with paying for content.
  • $40 – ??? Buy a guest post by Steven. Of course we’ll be tweeting the link and sharing it on other media. You’ll be mentioned as a Gold sponsor on the Sponsor Page and in the report
  • $5 – ??? – You’ll be listed as a Bronze sponsor on the Sponsor Page – and get to feel good about yourself!

How to contact us

You can send an e-mail to steven@toralkolabs.net. Keep in mind that we reserve the right to refuse proposals if we think they’re not compatible with our brand(ing), or if we think that we don’t have the time and resources to create the content you’re requesting.

If you want to donate, you can use the same e-mail address. Before you do, please read the “How to donate” section below.

What content will I be sponsoring?

  • Regular Posts: When you sponsor a regular post, you’ll be sponsoring a regular post created during the next two months. Think tutorials, tips and tricks. We’ve got some cool articles lined up, so you wouldn’t regret it! For obvious reaons, we won’t be attaching sponsors to “Opinions” posts.

We will give you a heads up when your article is coming up. Depending on the # of sponsors we  get, we’ll be adding your name to one or more posts – or, if things really take off – you’ll share a post with at most one other sponsor.

  • Reviews, company post, or post about a Joomla site: When you buy a review, a company post or a post about a Joomla site you built, you’ll be getting exactly that – a review, a company post or a post about a Joomla site. Of course you’ll have input in what we write – to a degree.

You’ll get a heads up when the article is coming up and the usual social media coverage.

  • Guest posts: This can be about anything tech related – ideally a topic of your choice.  You can ask us to post it to your blog, or to the medium of your choice, E.G the Joomla Magazine.

If we feel that a guest post would be more suited for a Review / Comapny post on our own blog, we’ll let you choose if you want to use that option instead.

How to donate

Because we’re planning on supporting a teacher in the United States (for the “why” there’ll be a follow-up post), we will be ordering the supplies through Amazon.com. That’s why we ask to donate by buying an Amazon.com Gift code. The reason for this is simple:

  • We won’t be losing money on conversions.
  • We won’t be losing money on Paypal fees. $3 bought us a box of pens in last years’ exchange.
  • We’ll be able to use the money directly for what it’s meant for – buying supplies.
  • Let’s be frank: I don’t trust that PayPal wouldn’t shut down my account for “suspicious activity…”

Of course, if you’re absolutely unable to send an Amazon gift code, we can work something out.

I can’t donate – How can I help?

In an ideal world, we’d say “Just read our posts!”. But, there are ways you can help, by spreading the word about our campaign on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and the social media platform or your liking. You can even go old school, and tell or e-mail people. We don’t judge.

More questions? Check out our FAQ