JandMore invites you to participate in the “Phishing Challenge”

This contest is now over. We are leaving this article up because we don’t want to upset Google if people accidentally enter the link of this page.

Hey everyone, together with our sponsor Ciptor Benelux I am challenging small businesses to participate in our “Phishing Challenge.”

Do you trust that your co-workers or employees won’t fall for phishing scams? I’m sure they’re nice people, but you might be overestimating them.

I’ve worked in IT long enough to know that even your smartest employee can click a link they’re not supposed to, because the e-mail seems “legit”. I’ve overheard people in HR saying they almost entered their password in a fake account, and I’ve seen accountants get their account compromised.  So why not test your co-workers I am offering small businesses like yours an opportunity to run a phishing campaign for free. We’ll be running the campaign using a tool that will track not only who falls for that initial mail, but also whether they’d give away crucial information.

At the end of the test, you’ll know how safe your company data really is.

Setting up a campaign is resource intensive, but I am giving away three completely free campaigns for people that register using the link below. On top of that, I’ll also be giving away a campaign on Twitter and LinkedIn. To participate on either of those networks, all you need to do is send a DM to the accounts listed below.

If you win, we’ll work together to setup a campaign after which we’ll be sharing the results with you. No strings attached. So if you feel ready for the challenge, participate by registering through one of the channels or all of them, and you might find out how secure your company data really is.

Rules and practical stuff

  • This content is open to small business from all countries.
  • We will require consent for the winners to start the campaign. Some setup work might be required to successfully run the campaign so you might need some assistance from your IT department.
  • We’ll be randomly picking the winners when the contest ends on May 1st, 2020. Winners will be contacted through the contact information they’ve provided.
  • You can sign up using the method you prefer. Or you can sign up through all platforms and increase your chances of winning. That’s up to you.
  • This competition is organized by JandMore. We will not be using your information for anything other than contacting you when you’ve one of the campaigns.

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