Is Joomla relevant in 2022?

I know we are already a quarter into 2022, so this blog post is a bit late. Fortunately, our opinion on the Joomla CMS stopped being relevant a while ago. So I’m sure no projects were delayed while they were waiting for this article to drop.

This is a good thing, too, because we don’t have any advice on the topic left to give. So why this post, then? Let’s call it a final adieu to the Joomla community since we feel like we’ve lost our last connection(s) to Joomla this year.

Near the end of 2021 we decided to end Joomla & More, one of the oldest and one of the last blogs about Joomla not owned by a commercial party., by rebranding it to PowerUserGuide.

Given that this had zero impact on either the blog our YouTube channel, it’s safe to say that the Joomla crowd stopped visiting a long time ago.

The end of the final chapter of our Joomla journey was written when I found that our former mentor Hillary Cheyne had passed away. She was the person that talked us into trying to be a part of the Joomla community instead of an observer from the outside. She was always friendly but strict when she felt people were out of line, and often suggested that we should stop complaining and start doing. We can’t say that she’s really had any success with that, but I appreciate that she saw potential in me when many people didn’t. Although she distanced herself from the community in the past few years, I’m sure she will fondly be remembered for the kind and caring person that she was.

But what about the CMS? I feel like our opinion doesn’t matter. At this point you are either still using Joomla and convinced that it’s a world class CMS or you’re part of the way bigger group of people who never heard of it or heard of it and don’t consider it to be worth sinking their time into. All I know, is that Joomla is no longer a part of the DNA of this website (or my job). So for PowerUserGuide the answer to the question “Is Joomla still relevant in 2022??” is a resounding “No.”

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