Introducing (that’s ourselves!)

Disconnect the phones. Unplug the WiFi. Uncork the spirits and sodas. Today, the office is closed because we are celebrating the soft launch of

As you can already read on our “About” page, this website is going to be focusing on offering articles and reviews on technology for advanced users, or “power users.” The people for whom the “Advanced Settings” menu was invented. The men and women who have to Google “how to fix…” because they were adventurous and made a tiny mistake (with gigantic consequences). Or you’re the nerdy girl in the office, who makes magic happen with Power Automate because you “read something about it online”.

You’re basically our kind of people.

Why create content for that group of people, though? Aren’t there far more people that don’t really know enough about computers? People for whom simple stuff isn’t that simple? I mean, probably. And those people are catered to by our sister website which is a fantastic site in development, which will focus on breaking down “simpler” problems.

But here, at, we have a different goal. We want to make the solutions to the more complicated problems easier to understand. The solutions to these problems usually already exist. However, most articles for “advanced users”… They’re not very good. They are usually written by “experts” who gloss over what makes an article readable. Or they’re “step-by-step” guides that start somewhere in the middle, assuming you’ve got seventeen years of experience in that particular field.

We want to do better than that. During our years with Joomla & More we’ve learned what works (and what doesn’t work. So many things didn’t work) and how to present info in a solid, pleasant to read way. So we’re going to be doing that again under the flag of

If you’re confused and wonder what “Joomla & More” is, then don’t worry. It’s the previous tech blog we worked on, that we’re phasing out because we reached the limits of the platform the website ran on. If, on the other hand, you were a Joomla & More reader, we’ve got great news for you. You’ll be finding the same great content on PowerUserGuide and its sister site that’s still in development, DIYWebsiteGuide, which focuses mostly on websites, CMS’es and web development.

It’s good to finally get started. We hope to surprise and entertain you with our content soon. Until then, stay posted and keep pushing F5 like a maniac.

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