How to solve it when Chronoforms5 doesn’t submit from a page.

If you are using Chronoforms and Joomla, you might’ve run into this particular problem when you use their plug-in to embed the form into a page: it simply won’t send. Instead, you’re thrown into an infinite loop of the form resetting, resetting, resetting, resetting… Okay, I’m sure you got the point.

When you tried the form using Chronoforms’ View Form’ option you could’ve sworn it worked just fine. And you’d be right. The problem is the URL when embedding the form in a Joomla article or module

To solve this problem, there are two things you can do.

1. Add the Form to a menu item

You can turn the form into a menu item using the Menu Manager (Sorry, Marketing people, we’re going to keep on using “Manager” for everything. Manager. Menu Manager. Deal with it.) but that does not really solve your problem since it’s now a stand alone form.

2. Change a setting in the Form Setup

A more complicated, but far more relevant option, is to make a change to your form URL. To get started, open the form in the Chronoforms component.


Changing the URL will only work when you’re using the “Advanced” mode of Chronoforms, so you’ll need to enable that first and save your form.


Once that’s done, open the setup tab. In the setup tab, look for the “On load” section, and click “Edit” on the item HTML (Render Form)


A window will pop up. Find the option “Relative URL”, set it to no and choose “Save and close”. Then, save the form and test your form again. You sohuld now be able to submit your messages without at problem.

And that’s all there is to it!

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