Fix your post formatting in a Yootheme template

So, you’ve already done some work on your WordPress site. The first few pages and posts are written, and then you install that nice Yootheme template you wanted to use.

You want to check out your site, and… what’s that? Your formatting of your text is all messed up! That’s to say, there isn’t any formatting.

You can thank / blame the template you just installed for that. If you face this problem you’ll want to change a setting in your template.


  • In the side bar, open the template. I’m using the “Master2” template, but of course that’ll be different for you.
  • Go to the Settings tab
Make sure this box is checked, then save.
Make sure this box is checked, then save.
  • Scroll down to the posts section, and check the box next to “Enable the wpautofunction which automatically formats your posts.
  • Click “Save changes”

  • Visit your front page, and take a look at the articles. They should now be formatted properly again.

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