FAQ – Teacher Exchange

What’s the purpose of the donation drive?

Collecting funds to buy school supplies for at least one, but ideally two or more teachers in the Reddit Teacher Exchange in September.

How does the donation drive work?

You can become a sponsor, or choose to sponsor a post. The overview page has more information on how much you can donate, and what you get in exchange. 

How can I donate?

You can donate by buying an Amazon.com Gift code. We’ve chosen this method for the following reasons:

  • We’re ordering through Amazon.com to simplify logistics.
  • Avoiding PayPal, it’s fees ($3 in fees is a box of pens on Amazon.com), and the chance they’ll kill our account.
  • Payment handled by Amazon.com.

You can send the gift codes to steven@toralkolabs.net

Can I get a tax reduction / certificate / …

Unfortunately, no. You’ll get mentioned on our Sponsorship page, and (optionally) get a post dedicated to you. But since we’re not a registered charity but a blog trying to do something positive, we can’t give you a certificate or anything similar.

Are you reliable and / or transparent?

We will be as transparent as humanly possible. We will be reporting on the income, and we’ll write a report on what the income is spent on, after the campaign.

As for being trustworthy, we’ve got a good reputation and like to keep it that way. And if you’re really cynical, you can still see it as buying advertising on a semi-popular, somewhat respected tech blog.

What school will you be sponsoring?

Because of how the Reddit Teacher Exchange works, we won’t know until the end of August / the beginning of September. And if we find out who we’re donating to, it’s still possible that he / she (donations are made to individual teachers) wants to remain anonymous in which case we’ll have to respect that decision. It’s a sensitive topic and not every teacher will want to share with the world that they’re participating.

Why a school in the U.S?

We’re choosing a school in the U.S for the following reasons.

  • Most of our readers are from the U.S so we want to support a school close to them (although of course that won’t literally be the case)
  • We will be ordering through Amazon.com so we don’t have to worry about logistics. To avoid exuberant shipping costs, we’ve chosen to pick U.S based schools. Of course, we could be choosing a school in the UK, Germany or France as well but the number of teachers from the U.S participating in the Exchange is far, far bigger.

Can I sign up myself? Can I send supplies to your teacher?

  • * Yes, you can absolutely sign up for the Reddit Teacher Exchange yourself.
  • Sending supplies to the teacher is possible, but only if they’d allow us to share their address. If this is something you’re interested in, please contact us and we’ll try to work something out when the Exchange has started.

You’re selling out. I would never do that. Why are you selling out?

Because I can. Thank you for asking.