Extend Joomla’s Login Form with Modules Anywhere

Today, I wanted to extend Joomla’s Login Form a bit, by adding some text and a nice header. But the “Login Description Text” which you can add when editing the Menu Item didn’t fit the bill. It strips out all HTML.

There is a fix for this, however. It’s name is “Modules Anywhere” by Nonumber.

“Wait, what? What have modules to do with the Login Form?”Well, you can use a module to enhance the Login Text quite easily, without any overrides. Here is how you do it.


  1. Install Nonumbers’ Extension Manager
  2. Create a Custom HTML module. Write and format the text you want to show above the Login Form. Publish the Module.
  3. Note the ID of your module as you’ll need it.
  4. Go to the Menu Item for the Login Form.
  5. Under “Login Description Text”, write {module numberofyourmodule} replacing numberofyourmodule with the actual ID…
  6. Save the component
  7. Check out your new, enhanced Login Form!

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