Enabling the Focused Inbox for Outlook 2016 (by enabling Modern Authentication)

Quitee a while ago, Microsoft launched the “Focused” inbox feature. This is a “smart” feature which tries to decide what e-mail is important to you and which isn’t. The mail that isn’t, is moved to an “other” tab. Since this feature is correct 90% of the time I was getting a bit annoyed that the feature was working on the Mac version of Outlook 2016 but refused to play nice on Outlook 2016 on Windows.

If you are an Office365 Admin who wants to enable the Focused Inbox for your Outlook users, you can do so by using the links below. The instructions require you to make use of Windows PowerShell, but that should be no problem for the technically giften amongst us.

I mean, worst case scenario: You copy / paste the commands and nothing happens.

Enabling Modern Authentication

In order to use the Focused Inbox feature, Modern Authentication needs to be enabled for Office365. You achieve this by using a set of commands in Windows PowerShell.

1. Instructions to make the connection using PowerShell


2. Instructions for enabling Modern Authentication (or turning it off)



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