Easily add video to your posts with JCE Media Manager

When an image says more than a thousand words(*), how many does a video say? I’m not sure, but I’m willing to be it’s a lot.

If you’ve made this cool video that you want to share with your visitors, there are many different ways to do this. You could go down the Youtube route. But if you want to “own” your video and still simply add it to your article, it’s time to bring in JCE Media Manager

A Premium Extension

The JCE Media Manager is a premium extension, which you can download if you buy a €25 subscription (which really is worth every cent). After you’ve installed it using JCE’s installer, a new button will appear in your editor.

Uploading and adding a video

Update: We added a video below, which should get the point across. Enjoy!

Uploading and adding a video using the Media Manager is simple.  Click the Media Manager button, navigate to the folder you want to upload your video to, hit the “Upload” video and drag your video to the screen.

Once it’s uploaded, select the video and click the “Insert” button. JCE will automatically choose the best format to display the video in, and you can set the size of the video.

Done. You’ve just uploaded your own video, to your own site.

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