Easily add charts to your site with ZMPCharts

The Pie chart in action. 45% of our readers wish we used better screenshots.
The Pie chart in action. 45% of our readers wish we used better screenshots.

They say that an image says more than a thousands words. How about stats? Why, in that case you use charts, of course!

Are you looking for a way to add editable charts to your Joomla website? Then ZMPCharts might be what you are looking for.ZMPCharts is a set of modules, each of which allows you to create a specific type of chart and display it on your website. The modules are generated using the ‘Canvas element’, a higher form of CSS wizardry which ZMPCharts wants to simplify. Do they succeed in bringing charts to the masses? You’ll find out after the break.Easier to understand that Statistics 101

Who doesn’t love stats? We know we do. But if you want to grab the attention of people you’ll want to use a chart. However, that’s not really simple to do on a Joomla website. You could probably add an image of a chart to your site. Or, you could do yourself a favor and install one of the ZMPCharts modules.

The ZMPCharts allow you to enter data in a module, which will then represent the data in a chart of your choice. You then publish the module on your website – and you can change it any time.

Installing the charts is as easy as installing any other Joomla module. You can either install the bundle or a single chart, and then start using them from the Modules section.

To use the modules, you simply open the module and enter the relevant data – which will immediately be reflected on the front end. Entering the data is simple, and in case of doubt you can make use of the tool tips next to each field which explains what the fields are used for. We had no problems creating a chart – without reading the manuals, of course that’s how we roll – and we don’t expect any Joomla users to have any trouble with the modules. If you know how to install it, you’ll know how to create the chart(s) you want in no time.


The modules can all be customized in detail. You can configure the animations, the colors of the chart, whether labels should be displayed and much more. If you can think of something you want to change, you probably can. Advanced users can use these options to make the modules entirely their own, while users with lower requirements can stick to adding the data and choosing the colors of the chart. So, basically, you can configure as much or as little as you want, which makes the modules very user-friendly.

Donuts or pies?

The ZMPCharts come in six flavors – Line, Bar, Radar, Pie, Doughnut and Polar which you can mix and match. You can buy them separately for €5 or get the bundle for €20 (and save €10). On the demo site, you can see what each chart looks like


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