Dell’s amazing maze of links

I just had the pleasure to navigate through the maze that Dell has setup for some of it’s downloads. Because, yeah, they do more than build computers nowadays.

They’re also the owners of Toad, which is a pretty neat tool to manage MySQL databases (available for Windows and Mac, although the Windows version is said to be better. Haven’t had the chance to try the Mac version yet).

Anyway, I wanted to download the Mac version when I was welcomed to their maze.

  1. Ended up on the Dell website. Not what I needed. Back to Google. This one is on me
  2. Headed to “Toad World”, and find the downloads page
  3. Click the product I want to download
  4. WAIT! Before you can download you need to register. Okay… *types in username and password*
  5. Okay, now click the download button again. *clicks button*
  6. I was taken to their page. On the Mac App store.

They made me log in. To click a link. To the Mac App Store. Wat?

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