Default password for WAP4410n doesn’t work? Stop using IE(9)

Yesterday, I was trying to configure two wireless access points, the WAP4410n by Cisco. Because I couldn’t log in to the devices, I tried resetting them. Much to my dismay, resetting them to the default factory settings didn’t do the trick. I couldn’t log in with the password and username (both admin) that had were written in the manual.

Guess what the culprit was? The browser I used to try to enter the administration panel. For some reason, using Internet Explorer 9 I couldn’t log in. I tried resetting the WAP (quite a few times). No luck. Until we used Firefox to access the administration panel. Tadaa! We could login and start configuring the browser.

So, the solution was as “simple” as switching browsers.

Disclaimer: I only used Internet Exploder because it was the only one installed at the computer, at the time. It needed the WAP to connect to the internet…

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