Creating a Facebook Page For Your Company: You’re doing it wrong.

I wouldn’t go as far as calling myself a social media guru (*), or maybe a Community Manager Ninja (*), but If there’s one thing I know it’s how to create a Facebook Page. It’s not very hard to do, yet many people manage to get it wrong. Please note that I’m not talking about making it awesome and help you generate a zillion likes – I’m just talking about the initial page.

The mistake far too many people make, is to go to Facebook and then create a new (personal) account. Allow me to use a screenshot of the login page to show how that’s wrong. Very, very wrong.


See the entire “Create an account” part? If you want to create a Facebook Page (which isn’t an account, stay away from it.  The fact that the page asks for YOUR first and last name is a big hint. And the request to supply your date of birth.

And then there’s the Terms, which clearly state you can’t use a Facebook Account for commercial activities. Like, I don’t know, your company. Plus, you’re supposed to use a real name, of a person. And you can’t create a 2nd account… well, the list goes on.

So, don’t fill in those fields. Don’t click that “Create an Account” button. Instead, click the “Create a page” link below it, and you’ll be able to make a REAL Facebook page, which has the following advantages:

  • Can be liked
  • Allows to track statistics
  • Can be used by more than one user. So you can manage it properly.
  • You’re less likely to be banned to infinity for violating Facebook’s standards.

I hope this short manual was somewhat of use to you. Now, I know I’m not helping you much in actually setting up your page. I’m sure you’ll figure it out on your own. Just pick a type of Page you want to make, follow the instructions, and your PAGE should be setup in no time. You’re welcome.

Or you can always hire a Social Brand Interatction Conversion Specialist (*) to help you out.

(*) Are they real job titles? They very well could be.

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