Coming soon: Flipbooks & More

As I told in a previous post, I had a hard time writing articles because of some personal problems.  But as life goes on, so does this Blog.  No articles are ready as of now – I don’t have the luxury to write dozens of articles in advance – but I’ll give you a sneak peak what I’ll most likely be writing this week. 

We’ll be talking about Flipbooks this week.  I’ve been seeing alot of customers that want to use this wonderfull technology (that is, if used right) so I’ll be discussing the options that are out there.  After reading the article, I hope you’ll have a good idea on how to improve your (Joomla) website with a “digital flipbook”. 

Of course, I’ll also be updating the blog when I discover something usefull that’s Joomla- or IT-related. 

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