Can’t use video iFrames in JCE (and Joomla)?

Video is King these days, so if you have a somewhat decent website you will be looking into adding some videos to your website. Most of you will choose not to host the video on your site yourself, which is probably a smart move. You absolutely can – and we will be writing a blog post on this topic in the future – but most people will be trying to add a video that is hosted elsewhere.

And to share those videos, you will either need to install a special plugin or use iFrames. You will run into some problems when you try to do so, since Joomla doesn’t really like iFrames. It’s a way for hackers to embed all sorts of nasty things into your articles. In theory, at least.

What do you need to do when you want to use iFrames anyway to display those videos hosted on Youtube, Vimeo or another platform?

Changes in JCE and the Joomla Settings.

If you are a JCE user like most of the Joomla users then you will need to allow the usage of iFrames in JCE. This is done in the Editor’s settings so you’ll want to go to Components > JCE Editor (Pro).


Following the instructions in this link will help you setup JCE so that iFrames are allowed.

When you are not using JCE…

You will still need to follow the instructions to disable or edit the Text Filter in Joomla. If you don’t edit them, Joomla will strip the iFrames upon saving.

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