Bad week, blurry saturday

The past week hasn’t been the best- and that’s an understatement.  The pressure of wanting to finish our project near the end of the week was hard on me and the collegues in the Web Department, and the customer kept on making requests for changes on the go.  On top of that, I lost four hours because the idiots behind Small Machines Forums at some point decided it was a good idea to “point toward an absolute path” on a server in their configuration file.  While other technologies like Joomla, PHPBB, Drupal, Magento… you name it only need the relative path to the folder they’re installed in; or the URL path.

I didn’t only develop a strong dislike towards the SMF technology, I also developed two headaches.  One on “racket ball” day so I had to pass.  Leading to my mates being down to only 4 players.  And me feeling guilty and stressed about that afterwards.

I’d lie if I said that today was much better.  I got up, and spent nearly 3 hours on a 10-minute speech i’m holding on wednesday.  I’m not a “natural” so I need to work everything out in detail, to give the impression that I am not just reading everything from a paper.  Afterwards I went shopping, and for some reason that depressed me.  Don’t know why, there was no real reason as I found everything I needed.  I guess I just hate Autumn ?

After that, I spent some more time on that speak.  I finished it, though, and feel pretty good about it.  After that, it’s all a blur.  I should have written some reviews for my gaming blog, but couldn’t find the motivation.  Better luck next time, I guess.

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