A Very Joomla 2020

Looking back at 99,9% of 2019, the stats of our website told a similar story of previous years. As time has passed, this blog has become less and less of a blog about Joomla. Instead it became a blog of much more.

Joomla related content has never been the most popular content on this website. People who visit this website are far more likely to end up here for a quick fix for a Windows problem, a bug in Prestashop or instructions on how to remove a PC from a Windows domain.

Articles about the second biggest CMS in the world have been scarce because of this. If there is no demand, should we be writing about Joomla? But if we aren’t writing about Joomla, there are no articles that could attract the Joomla crowd.

We have been having this talk on previous occassions. Maybe we’ve made promises to focus more on Joomla content, but the matter of fact is that this blog is hardly a Joomla blog anymore, despite the name.

New plans for 2020

We haven’t given up on Joomla or writing content about the popular CMS. In the past weeks we have been looking around. We have noticed that there aren’t many great indepentant sources for Joomla content. If there were dedicated blogs we haven’t found them.

However, Joomla is still the 2nd most used CMS in the world. That means that there is a big knowledge gap out there. People looking for Joomla information are now being served by companies that are trying to sell them templates, hosting or other services.

Our plan for 2020 is to fill that void, by creating a new and dedicated source for Joomla content, which we’ve named DIYoomla. Since Joomla is mostly a tool for the DIY web builder, this felt like a fitting name for the project.

We are not going to make any big promises because we have been overly excited before in trying to build a source for Joomla content. What we are going to do to finish this blog post, is share our plans for our new project for you.

  • 100% Joomla related content. Every article we write will be tied in with the CMS in some shape or form.
  • The website will be powered by Joomla. We’re explicitely sharing this, because we kinda have a past of making Joomla websites on other platforms.
  • Our goal is to offer “richer” content than you currently find online. The goal isn’t to write the 100th installation guide for Joomla, but to offer you reviews, tutorials and opinion pieces worth reading.
  • DIYoomla is going to be scalable, thanks to the Joomla CMS. We’ll start out simple, but we’ll have the room to grow into different directions (writing staff, translations, sections…) if the oppotunity is available.

We are not going to give you an estimated launch date, because that never worked out for us in the past. Instead, we’ll be setting up shop in a corner of the internet, and slowly start adding content and features until we are happy with the result. When that moment arrived, we will be welcoming you to the new home for our Joomla content.

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