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Update on Jfolder::Create;Could not create directory [Joomla]

Since my post on the error when installing a joomla module was so (relatively) popular, I think an update is in order.  I’ve found the proper changes to make, which should work for anyone. 

2.  Find the line that looks like this: var $log_path = /some/path/logs 

Change this line to:  var $log_path = ‘./logs’

3.  There’s another line in configuration.php that needs your attention as well.
     Find the following line:  var $tmp_path = /some/path/tmp.  It should be right below the   line you just edited. 

Change this line to:  var $tmp_path = ‘./tmp’


  1. Thanks a million this really works easy. I read through forums for two days trying to get this simple bit of info. Many thanks really.


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